Transitioning advanced
technologies into
oil and gas


Technology lies at the heart of the Aerospace Defence and Security (ADS) sector and many of its technologies can play an important part in overcoming the challenges and requirements of adjacent sectors, specifically Oil and Gas (O&G). The constraints on Western European and US defense budgets makes this a perfect time for ADS organizations to realize the immense opportunity for transitioning advanced technologies into a growing adjacent market. Read more...


Global energy demand is set to grow by approximately 30% over the next three decades, fueled by increased industrialization in developed economies, population growth and rising standards of living in developing nations. The International Energy Agency projects that to satisfy this increase in production no less than $1trillion in annual investment will be required. Read more...


Oil and Gas Exploration and Production (E&P) operators continue to develop ever more remote locations and are committed to gaining competitive and commercial advantage by directing resources to their highest-value activities and engaging in better, faster data-based decision-making. At eea we are working with established and emerging Information & Communication Technology (ICT) providers to assist the industry define new ways of working. Read more...

Transition Advanced

Introducing technology-based solutions from alternative market sectors, promoting joint industry programs and joint ventures to maximize innovation.

Thought Leadership

Utilizing deep domain expertise to provide the knowledge to enable innovative solutions for the industry’s key challenges.

Merger and Acquisition

Identifying complementary M&A targets and facilitating their acquisition.

Go-to-market strategies

Informing, challenging and guiding clients undertaking new business in the O&G sector and helping develop existing relationships.

Advisory Services

Providing structure and definition to the O&G activities and facilitating relationships in the O&G sector